LandThe safest road to go straight to the top

SeaSo far away, and yet so near

AirWe get there first, in perfect shape

LogisticsTailored logistics for your business


Partners. Not only suppliers. Logistics and transport are key factors for companies in achieving their targets. Shipping with Seitrans means not only getting a service, but having a partner who ensures the integrity of the products and the punctuality of its delivery with a fast and safe transit. Choosing Seitrans you will increase the prestige and competitiveness of your company. Trusting Seitrans is investing in the product itself.

In over 30 years of activity Seitrans has built a wide and efficient network, to provide the best solutions for the specific needs of each client. Thanks to the collaboration between its own offices in Spain and abroad, to its vast international connections and to its advanced IT systems, which includes all integrated logistics’ activities, Seitrans is today a qualified and reliable reference for any transport and logistics requirement all over the world.




08130 Santa Perpetua de la Mogoda (Barcelona)
P.I. Les Minetes – CIM VALLES – C/ de Lacus, Parc. 12 Nave 1
T. +34 93 5730099

28830 San Fernando de Henares (Madrid)
C/ Cerrajeros 9 y 11
Polig. Ind. Puerta de Madrid
T. +34 91 6692640